Show off your Delawares! *PIC HEAVY*


6 Years
Jun 3, 2014
Bisbee AZ 85603
When is the Gram County poultry show? --BB
hi, just a heads up About the DELAWARE'S I got 8 a wile back over a year ago and along with them I got 8 road island whites, & 8 each of these other breeds RIR NHR and so far what I found out is the Delaware's will peck at you if you try to put your hand in their nest box , my other breeds don't do that , but they were very friendly as young birds, as of now not to friendly , but the most friendly white hens were the road island whites and then my black australorps so both breeds are very friendly as young birds and stayed very friendly over all, & good layers , both are the most friendly of all the breeds I have raised for years they are good free rangers and come right away when i call them, I can pet the RIW just walk up to them any place and can pet them. the RIW like human contact, i got all of them from cackle hatchery, I was thinking the Delaware's were going to be about the same temperament , but no, they are good hens and good layers & pretty to, so if you don't care if you have lap hens the Delaware's are a good bird. I have a Delaware roo named Bill.
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