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Feb 9, 2015
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My Coop
For those interested in the fish side of things, a cool video showing some parental behavior. I have to switch back and forth between fish and chickens everyday and the behavior part is getting more and more important. Daddy bass defending nest site. Trying to get better pictures of brood swimming as that is awesome. This year might even record smallmouth bass doing their bit too. And crappie.

Sorry to go back to the fish for a sec, but that’s cool. I’d love to see the crappie done, as they are my favorite. :drool


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When I have had it, mosquito pressure on chickens very high at night. Even now I am managing to control the mosquitoes but the extreme wet conditions are making it very difficult. The form I have does not appear to transfer laterally between birds readily. Form here is dry. Can you show closeups of birds you think have it?
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