Show off your peofowl coops!!!


none, as long as they arent greens or high percentage spauldings. Blues and their mutations can handle most any winter, a decent shelter is appreciated but often never used on their own. My breeding pens are 25 wide 50 long and 12 tall with a 8x8 3 walled house in them. A roost runs down the center line of each with the roosting pole about 7-8 feet up. The houses also have a roost in them too just incase one gets a wild hair and wants to actually use it.

This is my new peafowl pen. Built this month, my DH and 3 DS wanted to get my peafowl out of their batting cage before baseball season starts. I thought it was a brilliant idea...stash my peas in the guy's favorite hangout...when the weather warms up 'somebody' is getting a new pen! Yea ME! (Of course, it had to be their wouldn't bother me at all to leave the peas in the batting cage
. Wonder if I can put turkeys in the batting cage next year?

This cage is 14' x 40' x 10.
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