Show off your Privacy Curtains !!!

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Jun 22, 2020
Warwick, NY
Would anyone like to share any pics of their nesting box “privacy curtains”...
I feel like my little frizzle is getting all fussy looking for a place to possibly lay her first egg... and she doesn’t know where to go. I think she would like some privacy.. I have tried the fake egg.. she was roosting until we added two girls to our flock that sleep in the nesting boxes. Lol so now, they all like that idea. Sitting in their yuck... and Foofie does not want to lay an egg there now lol she is just pacing and making her annoyed noise...
I told her I would make her some curtains. Well, first I asked if she wanted some and she said yes. 😂 SO. I would love some ideas... thank you all. Love this site. 💕
This isn't mine but I found it on Instagram. I think privacy curtains are a great idea! We have nesting boxes, but I love the idea of curtains!


  • Hen Privacy Curtains.PNG
    Hen Privacy Curtains.PNG
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I used some fabric I’d pieced together long ago for a quilt I’ll never finish.
I have narrower curtains on the top row now, too. I think they need another one on each of the upper boxes.
A couple wyandottes lay under the nest boxes as well. 🤷‍♀️

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Omgosh, it is SOOO cute!!!! I love it!! Really makes me smile!!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful curtains!! I could only hope mine turn out half as good !! They will def be better than the two row of sweater I made 🤣

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