***Show Quality*** 16 WC bantam Polish (smooth and frizzle) wc in blue, black, chocolate, khaki, cuc

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    ~~Shipping Thursday 12-19.
    16 Bantam White Crested Polish Eggs for sale. I will also include what the Tolbunt Polish lay today however I have not tested fertility since they started laying again so that's a gift. Expecting to get 1-3 eggs from the Tolbunts (if available).
    $79 plus $18.50 to ship.
    The parents of these eggs are proven winners at shows. I only have SQ birds in my breeding pens. These eggs are not laid by hatchery birds. Varieties you may or may not hatch (I take eggs from all of these pens) wc black, wc blue, wc cuckoo, wc chocolate, wc khaki, wc splash. All varieties I have smooth and frizzles in breeding pens. Even though all my breeders are show quality I cant guarantee what type of quality you will hatch. Not every chick from show quality parents turn out to be show quality when mature. These birds require extra care. You can't stick them in a free range environment. Please do not bid if you can't care for them properly.

    I pack very well and made a video so people can see how they are packed:

    I can not control how your package is treated by USPS workers. I can't guarantee what if anything will hatch. I do not refund or replace for bad hatches. I have checked fertility and everything is perfect. My hatch rate at home 90-100%. I will make sure I pack your eggs with care. Each egg is wrapped with bubble wrap and then placed into packing peanuts and double boxed with more packing peanuts. Shipping will be $18.50 for Priority shipping with delivery conformation and added insurance. No sales to CA, OR or NV. Please send me a PM if interested. I can also ship with a shipping heat pack for $5 extra.
    For more pictures please visit my Facebook page (link below)
    Was $80! Discounted to $50! Will ship today!
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    Did you ever sell these?
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