Show Quality Dominique Hatching Eggs


7 Years
Apr 7, 2012

I breed Dominiques in Washington state. I show most of my birds and have good stock. But I am looking for a new breeder or a breeder

you know to buy hatching eggs from. If you are interested please post! I am looking forward to finding a new breeder. Please only show quality birds.THANKS
If you have good stock that shows successfully & you breed them why do you wany new stock?
Why I want new birds is because I only have a few dominique's and I would like some more hens for diversity to breed with. I have a pullet coming in November. I got my originals from Emmett Wild. He judged our fair this year. Like I said before I would like to breed and have pick and choose benefits for showing.
hi do you still breed dominiques? My 4h kiddo is interested in showing them and we would love to find some hatching eggs this winter to hatch. thanks
Nantahala farms. Look her up online. I hatched dominque bantams from her this spring. She also has standards. Her chickens are beautiful. This is my bantam so they look different. Only 20 weeks . Fita the standards for show bantams very well. By the way he is free if you want him and live in the Milwaukee area. Lol

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