Show quality sebastopol geese for 50$ on craigslist!


12 Years
Sep 26, 2010
South Georgia
On craigslist i found an add that was selling two show quality sebastopol geese for 50$ each. I thought these geese were expensive because of their rarity and not to mention that these geese are show quality. I have never had geese before but does this sound like a good deal to yall? They included pictures of the geese they are selling and they are very pretty. Oh and i think the add said that the 2 they were selling were a mated pair too but i am not sure on that i may have dreamed that. Anyway is 50$ cheap for show quality sebastopol geese?
That's what you'd pay for goslings, if they are show quality "breedings" offspring that would be a deal, but they could be flaws like twisted feathers or dropped wing or something, ---soo, if you want Sebs, and are willing to take a chance that is a good price....with any adults it depends on how they were raised....
these werent goslings they were full grown adults.
I am not exactly asking because i want some. Actually i would love to have some i just cant. I just thought i saw where they went for TONS of money because of rarity.
I've seen them for 20.00 before for show quality, nice specimens. Its like everything else, supply and demand. I know of one breeder that use to sell goslings for 10.00 each from the same matings his show ones were from. I personally think 100.00 is too high unless they are a proven pair. Deffinatly wouldn't give 100.00 for two ganders! I don't care what quality they are...thats just craziness for two boys. But it all depends on what you are willing to pay...

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