Showgirl with infected eye? Something more?


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Jul 10, 2022
Hello! I'm new to the forum, newish to chicken ownership and need advice. I have a mixed flock, 1 rooster, free range during the day. One of my girls I think has injured her eye. She's a showgirl hen, Ali Rose (Burlesque movie) 6 months old, this morning I noticed pus coming from her right eye( no foul smell). We have lots of trees, and lots of wild blackberry bushes. So I hope she has just injured/scratched it somehow. Of course after reading some I freaked thinking she has Coryza. I got her, cleaned it with some warm water, trimmed the feathers around it, put some neosporin on it and gave her a dose of LA 200, just in case it is something else. My question is, does this look/sound like an eye injury or coryza? No other symptoms, eating, drinking, acting totally normal. No sneezing, no coughing, no nasal discharge from what I can tell. I've got her isolated in the hospital ward, just so she doesn't re-injure it, or the dirt irritate it. I'm attaching a picture of the left eye which is normal and then her right eye. It was not completely shut, once I put the neosporin on there she kept it closed most of the time.


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Welcome To BYC

Infectious Coryza has a bad odor, so if you don't smell an odor, then likely it's not the cause of the swelling.

At this point, I'd tend to the eye, like you are doing. Clean it with saline, remove pus and apply the ointment a couple of times a day.
Hopefully it's just injury and she will recover quickly.
I agree that it's not Coryza, nor any other respiratory disease. It's possible their might be debris in the eye or an injury of some sort.
As Wyorp Rock stated, liberally flush the eye with saline solution and continue Neosporin treatment until healed.

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