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    Please read this ENTIRE ad if you are interested in Showgirl hatching eggs. Questions about totals, available shipping dates, parent stock, shipping practices, and where to find more information are below.

    We are accepting orders for hatching eggs from our True Black Silkie X White Showgirl and Paint Showgirl pen and our Black-from-Paint Showgirl X Paint Silkie pen!

    Our parent birds are nice, F12 Showgirls and well-conforming Silkies. We do NOT allow any birds with faults (incorrect number of toes, poor skin or eye color, droopy wings, poor personality, congenital problems, etc) to breed. Every single bird we keep for breeding is of excellent quality, and breeders are replaced only with better quality offspring or occasional new genes of excellent quality.

    You may hatch Paint, White, Black, Blue, Partridge, or Silver Partridge, though most of what we have been hatching are White, Black, and Paint. Chicks of any color may be either Silkie (feathered necks), heterozygous Showgirl (bowtied naked necks), or homozygous Showgirl (completely naked necks). Chicks may be either bearded or not bearded. Feather-necked chicks do not carry "hidden" Showgirl genes, they are simply silkies and may be bred as such. Chicks we have hatched from these pens display even nicer skin, feather patterns, crests, and feet than their unrelated parents, nearly every hatch.

    Check out our website to see the current parent stock of the eggs. PURCHASES CANNOT BE MADE ON THE WEBSITE - it is for informational purposes only; you'll need to PM us here. Unfortunately, it isn't possible to include a significant amount of relevant information about Showgirls in individual advertisements. You'll notice that the "For Sale" tab on our website simply includes links to THIS AD and any others already listed here. Again, direct all inquires via BYC.

    Eggs from these pens have been found quite fertile, here. Our hatch rates in high-quality Brinsea incubators stays around 90%, year-round, with nearly 100% fertility.

    Eggs are $20 for 6+, and $35 for 12+, and I always include all the extras the girls will let me have.

    Shipping is $15 to anywhere in the contiguous U.S.
    This results in a total of $35 for 6+ eggs, and $50 for 12+ eggs, shipped.

    Local pickup is also fine, if you are close to 72901.

    If you are interested in eggs:

    Orders go to the first person to make payment, NOT the first person who states that they want that shipment. If you would like eggs, please PM for the PayPal address, and make prompt payment for your order. That is the ONLY way to "get on the list." We cannot "hold" orders for you.

    There is NO SUCH THING as a "show quality" egg or chick. These eggs are certainly from SQ parents, however.

    Silkies and Showgirls are NOTORIOUS for brooding ALL THE TIME, so delays in orders are not uncommon, but I do my best to not offer orders when I am not fairly certain I will be able to fill them by the date specified. Recently, 8* weather and ice and snowstorms prompted every single hen to brood, so counting on the birds to be reasonable isn't reasonable. I only have a total of THREE mature hens at this time, and at least one or two are broody on any given day. If there is a holdup with your order, I will notify you promptly; you will receive your eggs asap.

    No one can guarantee that your eggs will hatch. We can only guarantee that we keep excellent parent stock that is extremely well cared for, that we will pack the eggs to the best of our ability, and that we will candle for cracks before shipment. They are hatching well here, but your incubation technique, climate, diligence, quality standards for equipment, and experience are different than ours. Of course, there is no way to prevent careless PO workers from damaging eggs. We do our best to protect packages from the abuse they will receive in transit. Extreme temperatures during shipment SHOULD be avoided when packages are marked "perishable," but PO handlers do not always pay attention to markings, and hot or cold eggs can become duds quickly.
    If we could personally handle your eggs for the entire trip, we gladly would.

    We ship eggs all year, as our healthy and happy birds lay all year, between frequent brooding gigs.

    PM for PayPal address when you are ready to buy.
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    I just wanted to say thank you. My eggs arrived safely and were well packed. I can't wait to see what hatches. :)
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