showing ducks in 4h?

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  1. ducksarecool12

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    Jul 27, 2010
    If you show ducks in 4h do you keep the ducks at the 4h barn or do you have to raise them at your house? I live in the city but kinda wanna show ducks. do you like get a pen of your own at the 4h barn and go their every day and take care of your ducks or what? !!!PEKIN DUCKS!!!
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    you should contact your local 4-H Extension Office. i am in 4-H and we do not have a barn where everyone keeps their animals. I am pretty sure that there is no 4-H where they have a barn to keep all of the animals but don't quote me on that but most poultry clubs in 4-H will allow you to show ducks such as the muscovy duck. You would have to have a place for it to live or you might be able to find a really kind person to help you house it at their farm or house.
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    you can show pekin ducks also.
  4. ducksarecool12

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    Jul 27, 2010
    can you rent like a lot for ducks?
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    Here in our county, our 4-H kids bring their 4-H projects including the animals to the fairgrounds. They have separate barns for all the species. Inside the poultry barn cages are set up for the poultry projects. They are not very big cages either and they stay all week. The market animals are auctioned off and the kids get the money, minus a % of course, but generally the kids do make a profit. Mine did very well. [​IMG]
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    Feb 22, 2011
    I raise my 4h ducks on my own farm yard, and then take them to the fair, where they assign a cage to your bird. You are supposed to buy day-olds to raise yourself in your own backyard. thats the expirience of raising them yourself. And yes you have to take care of your own animal. You go to the fair atleast id say twice a day to make sure they have water. At my fair youll get into trouble if they dont have water.You bring your own food. They might have water faucetts for water, but bring your own straw and water/food dishes. You also might have to clean the barn at least once ( like sweeping straw off the floor) during the fair week. Generally at most fairs (like mine) if you take a pekin they expect you to auction it for meat but you do not have to if you dont want to, and you can just show in open class. If you mean rent a lot at the fair, no they let you borrow a cage to put you ducks in. At the end of the fair, you take your ducks home if they are not auctioned off. These are just my personal expiriences over the past 6 years of showing ducks in 4h, your fair might be a bit differant then mine. good luck to you and your ducks

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    I show ducks in 4-H, and OUR county rules say that you must house all small animal ( that includes ducks) on your own property, and provide all care for the birds. At fair, the owner of the bird must take full care of the bird, cleaning its cage, and ensure that water and feed is available. ( that means coming to the fair grounds 2 times a day, once early in the AM before the fair opens, then later in the afternoon). You can show any standardized breed ( See the APA book of standards).

    You can enter the Breeding project, or the market project. In the breeding project, you basically just raise the ducks, and show them, they are judged on apperence, how well the reflect the APA standard and overall health, then you take them home at the end of fair. Most people do the breeding project. There is no obligation ( and it is against 4-H rules) for the bird to be auctioned.

    if you enter the market project, You MUST weigh the bird through its life leading to fair, then the bird will be auctioned off.

    As far as the ownership of the bird goes, you must own the bird at least 3 (? depends on your county) months before the fair. Our fair is in July, so all of the birds we are showing must be in our ownership by April 31st. You can get the birds at any age.
    here are some helpfull links:
    your 4-H extension office:
    the APA ( all show birds must follow this):,
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    May 30, 2013
    Sorry to use your topic, but some very knowledgeable people seem to be on it. How many ducks are you allowed to show at once?
  9. shalehperry

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    May 11, 2012
    If you have a backyard you could keep a dog in you have room to keep a couple of ducks or chickens. But, you need to check your local regulations on what animals you are allowed to own.

    You do not need a pond a boat would fit in to have ducks. My pair are happy with an old bath tub.
  10. lidstoy

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    Sep 8, 2013
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    Our chapter of 4-H is allowed to use the local high school FFA farm to keep 4-H animals if you can't keep them at home. We do pay a rental fee and a deposit fee but something you could look into in your area.

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