Showing Easter eggers?

Easter Eggers are not in the Standard of perfection (SOP). Thats a book put together by high falootin' chicken judges every few years, which they've been doing since the 1800's.

So, based on what I know about EE's; they come from Ameraucauna and Araucana stock (which originally is South America), and they both contain the blue egg gene. When that blue egg gene is crossed with any other breed, the babies carry the blue egg gene. That baby, now a mixed breed, is neither Araucana or Ameraucana. So that is how the EE was developed.

Go to a feed store and they sell Ameraucaunas. Not the real thing. Just smile and purchase, knowing they are EE's. Same goes for Araucana's.

If you want nice Ameraucauna's/Araucana's, purchase from a good breeder with excellent stock. Make sure you know what a good Ameraucana/Araucana looks like! I looked seriously into Araucana's a bit, and there is some specific knowledge about breeding them you'll need to know, like the tufted gene, and their rumpless-ness which can affect fertility...etc.

Thats my two cents. Have a great day, and I hope I answered your question!
Easters aren't really a breed, so they're not showable. To show an animal, there has to be a breed standard to judge the animal against. There's nothing to judge an EE against, so how would you know which animal was better?

I think they can be used for showmanship, like it 4-H, etc. Showmanship isn't judging the bird, it's judging the handler.
Can you show easter eggers? I've heard that you can't but is that true?
Ofcourse you can, but Not as Easter Eggers, you can Show them as pure Ameraucanas even if they are not, you see Judges dont have x-Ray eyes that can see whats the genetic make up or even the parentage of a bird, so Showing a Black easter egger with slate shanks as black ameracuana is possible, now Winning best in show that is completely different

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