Sick 7 Year Old Hen


~True Blue~
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Sep 15, 2021
NSW, Australia
The said hen is a Australian Araucana and it was yesterday I noticed her looking off.
She was out of the pen (As usual :rolleyes: ) and just looked off, tail down, just standing there.
So tonight I put her in a small rabbit hut thingy with water with ACV in it and a few pellets. I doubt she'll eat. Her crop is slightly mushy. I don't know if she has laid an egg. Thanks for any help.

@Wyorp Rock @Eggcessive ?

The WinterWolf

Apr 12, 2021
Right Here
first, get her apple juice, or not-citrus juice. do you have a syringe? if so, great. if not, get a spoon and pry her beak open, and pour little amounts of juice. here's another thing...

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