Sick baby chick= 6 days old diahreeah


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Feb 25, 2010
Northern CA
My 6 day old buff orpingington is sickly, I think he is dying. He is smaller than the other chicks

He had diahrea so badly it stopped him up because it hardened on his behind. I cleaned it about 3 days later, we have 38 chicks so I am new to this.

we're back to square one, he still has diahree and it began to harden on him again. If he wasn't so sickly, it wouldn't bother me but bathing him is upsetting to him, though sometimes he falls asleep

We have fed him Medicated food from the feed store and I put in larger chunks of organic pride food (we feed our full size chickens)

Does anyone have any other ideas to get him well, should I change his food? Go find him worms at night? I just put them outside for the first time, he seems slightly happier but weak. It is warm today.

Thanks alot

Actually I just thought of something, I can feed him with a dropper to ensure he is actually eating and drinking. Maybe I'lll chop up some worms and do that.

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