In the Brooder
Jun 23, 2022
I have an approximately 2-year old Plymouth Barred Rock hen. She has been, up til now, a perfectly healthy bird and a good layer.

Earlier this month, I noticed she was laying down a lot in the coop - I figured she was simply broody. However, her bottom was somewhat messy and she seemed unenthusiastic about food or water. We recently lost another bird (found her stiff under the coop, no bites or injuries so death is a mystery) so I erred on the side of caution and took her to the vet. They gave her a cocktail of B-12, antibiotics and steroids to be given over the course of ten days. I also had her isolated in a brooder box. She turned right around and began acting normally again, and after about 6 days she even laid an egg (which she broke by stepping on, lol). That Wednesday I put her back out with the other hens and she was fine, but by Saturday had regressed. She would not stand (even when I tried to hold her up), no eating or drinking and I had to give her water myself because otherwise she wouldn't. We went back to the vet. Another round of the same meds. She has recovered again after only 3 days on her medication. But I don't want to go through this loop of her getting sick, getting on meds, finishing them, getting sick again, etc. Has this ever happened to anyone else on here? I have not found any injuries on her, her legs are fine, no scaly leg mites, no bug bites. They tested her droppings this last time and found no parasites and said her poop was normal. Her comb is bright red, her eyes are alert, she is otherwise acting normally, she just - won't stand up, won't eat, and won't drink. Help!
I agree with giving her eggs. Make a big batch and give the rest of the flock a treat.
We've given her mealworms, hard boiled eggs and some cottage cheese. She gobbles it all right up right now that she's on the medication! my concern is a relapse once she finishes the round of meds.

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