sick chick please help

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    Mar 8, 2013
    I got some sex link chicks at tsc on sat all are growing and well but one it seems to be weak and can't walk she stands and tries but she just falls over flaping her wings I first noticed she wasn't as active as the others on sun but thought she was a slow learner but today I noticed she doesn't even seem to be growing like the rest they look bigger than her and they run around playing and she just lays there its really sad I separated her from the rest tonight and put her in a separate brooder just in case she was diseased and or contagious . What could it be please help ?
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    Unfortunately, Tractor Supply does not immunize any of the chicks they sell at their stores. I found this out the hard way. All you can do is what you have done and treat the symptoms as they come up or cull. I'm so sorry, it's a hard lesson to learn and it isn't a pleasant thing to deal with. Give her some vitamins and electrolites, TS has both in their store. It may help. If I were you I would also follow up and find out where these chicks came from, which hatchery. They have the info at TS and can give it to you if you ask.
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    Mar 6, 2013
    Keep trying...Try putting a LITTLE bit of sugar in the water for the chick (too much will make it worse), or hard boil some eggs, chop them up, and feed the chick that for some more protein. Make sure the chick is warm enough, though I don't think that is the problem if the rest are doing well. There are some save-a-chick products at TSC that may help you, but I have never tried them. Last year I got some chickens from TSC. Like you, all of mine were doing really well except for one. It took a few days, but he ended up being ok with some extra care. He started off being the smallest chick, falling over, etc. and now is totally fine! Ended up being a HUGE bird, seriously turkey sized! Sometimes a chick takes a few days to catch up with the rest. Hope your chick will be okay!

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