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May 24, 2014
I received a new flock of chickens approx a month ago, within a couple days I noticed the one sneezing and coughing. I'm new to chickens and didn't really think of it as a big deal. A week later I noticed her eyes were slightLy watery. I decided to separate and put her in a large crate in the garage. I gave her extra garlic, acv, oregano oil and other herbs for about a week. Her symptoms didn't change, I then decided to put hr on antibiotics starting 6 days ago... I have been giving her an 1/8 of a teaspoon of duramycin in 2 cups of water and changing it every days her symptoms are still there. She may be a touch better, but she'd still coughing, and making a purring noise when she breathed sometimes.
Now one of my other chickens that have been outside separated from her is starting to cough.
Why is my chicken not improving and why is my other chicken showing signs of illness. What can I do?

All of the chcikens are feed non gmo layer mash. I use straw for their bedding, which is cleaned out regularly. Are given acv once a week, garlic in their feed and oregano oil.

It's frustrating that I do everything in my Power to provide them a clean home and feed high quality food with supplementation.

Thanks for your help and advice in advance.
It's probably nothing that you have done wrong, but your new chickens probably brought along a respiratory disease. It could be infectious bronchitis which is a virus that won't respond to antibiotics, and has to run it's course over 4-5 weeks. Of course, without testing, some of the respiratory diseases such as IB, mycoplasma, and coryza can have similar symptoms, and there is not a way to tell which one it is. The antibiotics may help treat any bacterial diseases (MG, coryza) and may help to prevent any secondary diseases in IB. You need to realize that your flock now has carriers, and don't add new birds or sell any. Here is a good link to read about IB:
She's probably had this for about five weeks now.... :/. Is there any point of her being quarantined if the other chicken is now coughing? Also how long should she be on the duramycin for? Today is day 7 and still has symptoms.

How frustrating. :(
If she still has symptoms, she probably is still infectious. Duramycin can be given for up to 14 days, but if it is a virus, antibiotics only help to prevent other bacterial infections. Most states have laboratories that can test for respiratory diseases, and help you find out what you are dealing with. Your state vet or Department of Agriculture could help with that, ot by performing a necropsy on a sacrificial sick bird. Infectious bronchitis usually goes through a whole flock very quickly, while MG may be less contagious unless they are in very cramped quarters. You may need to very slowly re-integrate your sick chicken back into the flock with a cage or fence so that she does not get attacked. At least you should be around to watch the reaction of others to her the first day or two. Here is a link with most of the respiratory diseases and symptoms to read:

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