Sick Chicken: No interest in eating or drinking, barely any movement, head on one side

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Mar 5, 2018
About a week ago, one of my chickens looked sleepy. I told a friend of mine about her and he said to move her away from the other chickens, and I did.

Her symptoms are:
keeps eyes closed a lot (will open one)
No interest in eating or drinking
crop looks bigger than normal
comb is starting to darken
barely any movement, if any movement very uncoordinated
head on one side (about 2 days)
yellow/green poop
lice/mites (only showed today)

I have been looking for something on here that it might be.
There is no chicken vet near me.

I have been force feeding her for about 3-4 days, and just got acv, de, and electrolytes for her. After giving her that stuff she seemed to get some strength to stand.

Any feedback is helpful.
I'm sorry your chicken is sick. How old is she and can you post a photo of her?
You say her crop looks bigger.... what does it feel like? Is it going down overnight? Have you tried massaging it? Does her breath smell bad? What do you normally feed her?
Does she have any abdominal swelling.... in particular between her legs or below/around her vent. Cup your hand and feel and compare to your healthy chickens.
How does her body condition feel? Is she a bag of bones or does she feel quite well covered?
Do you know when she last laid an egg?

Lice are opportunistic in that they thrive on a bird that is not able to look after itself (dust bath/preen etc) rather than being the cause of sickness as many people think. It just adds to their misery, so it is good that you are dealing with that. If you find that the DE does not fully get rid of them you may need to try something stronger like Permethrin.

If you can reply with answers to the above questions it may help us to help you figure out what the problem is and how best to treat it.
She will be a year in August, so about 7 months.
No weight loss.
Crop feels normal. Not sure if it goes down. Haven’t massaged it.
Not sure if her breath smells bad.
She has some swelling on her back near her tail.

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