Sick chicken? please help :(

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    Sep 28, 2015
    so my chicken has wry neck syndrome (or crook neck), and i have treated her for a while. today i went down to check on my chickens, and she was in a corner facing the wall lying down with the syndrome again. so i took her up to treat her and one of her eyes wouldnt open. so i helped it open as it was stuck shut with crust stuff. now her eye is fine but i found a cream color very small bug on her face. i dont know where it went, i might have got it off, but just now i dont know where it came from, i looked back at her to check on her and found a black, skinny fly-looking bug. I dont know if this is just because she was lying down in the coop not moving around or if she has a disease. Please help!! (she can stand and walk around fine too.)

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    Jul 16, 2015
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    Birds that aren't well don't take dust baths or preen themselves so they often get overwhelmed with external parasites, most birds have a few on them, but they quickly get out of control if not tended to by a sick bird. You should dust her with a poultry dust containing pyrethrin, you are probably seeing both lice and mites.

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