Sick Chicken - what else should I look for?

Feb 28, 2018
Yesterday I let the girls out and only counted 7... one was still in the coop staying in bed late. All day she was low energy, would sit off by herself, and close her eyes and rest her head. I saw now obvious external signs of illness or issue:
She looks fine. no injury, no infestation of any kind, her vent looked fine, poop under her roost looked normal, her abdomen felt normal, and her crop in the AM felt like it had a little feed in it but figured she had gone out and ate some and then went to bed. Checked again first thing this morning and the same little amount seemed to be in there while all the other girls had empty crops. No gaseousness or bloating from a sour crop and not enough to be an impacted crop (I can easily move it around and it's broken up in the crop). The only other thing is her comb looks a little floppy, which I know can mean they're not feeling well.

Any ideas of what this could be or any other diagnostics I can do?!

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