Sick chicken with lice


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May 27, 2020
Hi all, thanks for any advice and help in advance. I have a 2 1/2 year old Olandsk Dwarf hen who suddenly fell ill. She started sleeping standing up and not doing her normal routine. Upon investigation I found that she had lice and I have treated her with powder and given her kitten frontline. I know exactly how she got it (wild birds getting into food) and have fixed the run with smaller wire that the birds can’t get through. My question now is regarding her poop. It’s very watery with small, more solid green/black “balls”. It comes out clear but dries white. I’ve tried finding what could be the issue on the internet, but am still unsure. Here is a pic. It’s on a sheet that I have down for her. No blood. She is eating and drinking, although not a ton. And yes, I have separated her from the others for two days now until she’s on the mend. Coop has been cleaned, sprayed and other chickens have been treated for lice as well. Thanks everyone!


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