Sick chicken?


11 Years
Mar 26, 2012
San Diego
Hi everyone
We have a chicken that has not laid for quite sometime. It's hot in Southern California, and she did molt a few months back. She's had a poopy feathers under her vent for a couple of weeks, and has not eaten much or pooped much in the last week or so. I gave her a little warm bath and washed her backside last weekend. The feathers are a little sparse in the back which I've also only just noticed (not sure if that's her normal her not). We also noticed some yellow bugs (mites or lice? see pic), and have sprayed her with Mana Pro Poultry Protector (potassium sorbate and citric acid based?). This morning we found bright green watery poop in her nesting box, and her feathers are a mess again. She doesn't seem eggbound - inserted my pinky in her vent and but couldn't feel an egg or obstruction.

What do you guys think? Should we give her Tylan 50? She doesn't seem to be eating much crumple but will eat yogurt or cheerios and milk.

I would trim some of the excess feathers around the vent that are catching the loose poo, and then wash her off again. Use some probiotic plain yogurt with her food a few days a week.Don't feed her anything else but chicken feed with some water in it to make it into an oatmeal consistancy. Add a little soft egg daily. For the bugs, I would use permethrin 10% spray or the garden dust.Most feed stores sell those. Here is some info on how to tell lice from mites:

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