Sick Chicken

Christe H

In the Brooder
Dec 7, 2020
I have a young rooster who is acting very strange. I found him in the coop day before yesterday laying face down. I didn't think much of it until I went to pick him up. His head was floppy and he was stumbling around. I keep him by himself most of day. I usually let the chickens out for an hour or so before in the afternoon. He seemed to be fine so I let him out with the other chickens. He was fine when I put them all up. I went out today he and he was acting messed up again. I don't know if he is sick or if the other chickens are beating him up. I don't see any visible signs. Please help.
How old is he? Do you have other cockerels? Can you spend some time with them in the morning to see what they are doing? I would get him drinking some water, and give some Poultry NutriDrench or similar vitamin/electrolytes. Are all of your chickens the same age? Could the others be keeping him from food and water? You really need to get him drinking, and see what his poops look like. I would separate him overnight in a dog crate, just to observe him in the house if possible. Then in the mirning you could watch his behavior out in the chicken yard with the others. Look to see if he is using both legs and wings. Imbalance and lameness in one or both legs can be a sign of Mareks disease.

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