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Jun 4, 2011
Today I noticed one of my chickens acting weird.
She was alone and not wandering the yard with the rest of them (10).
When I went towards her she did not flee. She just stayed put.
I picked her up and notice that there was a mass of what looked like cooked egg yolk in an opening just below her vent.
I brought her inside and washed her off and started to pick out the yolk substance while a gentle stream of warm water
cleansed the area. It appear as if she had another vent just blow her main vent but upon further investigation
I saw that it was a cut that had opened up right to her main vent. I assume the yellow stuff was poop,
(TMI- I put my finger into her vent and I could make it come out the new second opening,)
There was some blood but nothing that causes me any additional concern. I've cleaned her up, cut the feathers around her vent (she was a little dirty there) and applied some neosporeon (?). I put her back in the coup and she is staying there. This is weird one for me and wondering how much longer she has?
I haven't heard of this in chickens, but that sounds like a fistula. It should be cleaned daily in a dish pan of warm soapy water. Fly strike or invasion of maggot larvae from flies will be a challenge to keep away from her right now in the heat. You might want to bring her inside in a cage until this heals. A picture would be helpful and also educating to us if you get a chance in the next day or two. I'll read up and see if I can find more info for you.
Thank you for the quick response.
I brought her back inside and put her in a crate.
She had not moved from the spot I placed her.
I took several pictures but I have to wait until my son comes home
to get them off the camera.
It does look like a fistula, and the large intestine is located under the cloaca, so that is probably poop coming out. Normally the large intestine enters into the vent just under the cloaca, but she may have gotten pecked or injured, a hole has opened up, and now there is a fistula or a connection to the outside.
It might not be a bad idea to give an antibiotic such as baytril or cipro if your vet could prescribe it. Flagyl is another drug that can be used with the baytril.
I kept her inside last night. She is eating and drinking.
I let her out and watched her as she joined the flock.
She took a few steps, did a poop and then walked to the other birds.
She walked to them, then drooped her backside
and out comes a egg with out the shell.
Couple of the others ate it and now the rooster is doing his dance
in front of her. She is now under a bush, drooped tail and I see drips of a liquid coming out.
I'll call the vet and see about getting some baytril or cipro.
Thank you
Called vet and she won't prescribe over the phone.
They want to see her. $45. I can't afford that.

So I will just keep cleaning the area and applying neosporin.
She is eating feed and chasing bugs every now and then, stops droops wings like an eagle until she see something else.

Thank you again for all your help, maybe she'll make it.


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