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We are new to keeping chickens & this is my 1st post on the forum. I will go into detail with my situation so that y'all can see over what period of time this has happened.
This past Spring we purchased 7 chicks from the local feed store. Everything was going great! They grew up. We got a coop & built a yard.......& then something (I think a raccoon) got 3 of them.
about 1 1/2 month ago we went to "trade day" & purchased 3 hens about the same age & size that ours were to replace the ones we had lost. Then a couple of weeks later we purchased a couple of Cochins to add to our small flock.
Almost 3 weeks ago 1 hen started acting sort of lethargic & a week later I found her under the coop almost dead, she could barely lift her head & with in mins. she was gone. Then a few days later my Cochin rooster started acting so weak that he could barely stand up & wouldn't eat or drink. At this point I am guessing it must be some kind of infection, so we separated him from the other and he was dead when I got up the following morning. I started the rest of the flock on medicated feed that day.
Well, now for almost week my others have been sneezing or coughing (I am not sure which), they have nasal drainage that started off kind of think & yellow but now is clear & somewhat watery, 1 has eye drainage & as of today one side of her face is swollen, & another has swelling around her ear.
We also have 4 Guinea's who, so far, seem to be unaffected.
I am having trouble finding a vet in my area who is knowledgeable about poultry. I have spent most of today looking online & in books & am afraid it is Infectious Coryza. What I've read says that they all will be carriers of it now for life, will likely have future outbreaks, & I should dispose of them.
I don't know what to do!
I don't WANT to "dispose" of my feathered friends, but is that the responsible thing to do????

Please help me!
I cannot advise as to what you should do now that you have the problem (I would euthanize them, that's me).

But as the future reference: you should never add new birds directly with your current flock. They should be quarantined for 30 days first.
All I can do is show you a diagnosis chart- scroll down to the bottom for the respiratory chart:

I know you will do what is best for your situation. Also, medicated feed is just to try to keep coccidiosis away, and is no guarantee that it will prevent it. It is NOT an antibiotic.

Here's info on coccidiosis (not a respiratory illness):
I would, on the next bird that passes, (and hopefully they don't) contact your county agent and have them test the bird to see if they can find out what it is. I also would suggest to Never introduce new birds to an existing flock without isolating them for 30 days, as already been mentioned.

I'm Very sorry for your loss.
and im so sorry for your chickens
. You could try some antibotics but like everyone on here said they will be carriers, so if you are thinking of getting more they will get it. If you are just going to keep these then try to save them. Just dont add more til they are gone. This is why I raise mine myself from chicks, and am starting to hatch my own. Less of a problem than with bringing grown birds in that may have something. also with babies you have to keep them seperate so you will know if there is a problem. The hardest thing with raising chickens is you get so attached that if you have to put one down its so very hard.
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