Sick chicklings helping them get better


5 Years
Mar 19, 2018
I have four chicks that are sick, I have been treating them with Thyme and a little bit of vinegar and water also I heard vinegar is full of probiotics. They still look healthy, they're fighting off the sickness and I put them in a separate box so that they won't spread the sickness. I sure do not want to lose my blue splash chicks and my other ones


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Really? That's odd that they would get marek's at such a young age, i'm no expert but I just haven't heard of that happening until now. Chickens usually don't make a recovery from Marek's. Marek's has no treatment that really helps, well at least that's what i've been told. I have heard of, and seen videos of, chickens making a recovery from Marek's but it is random and rare.
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Sorry that I am not an expert on what ails chicks but if you have not already, you might want to try posting on the Emergencies / Diseases / Injuries and Cures Forum also.

Best wishes to you and your little ones.

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Did the mom hatch out those chicks or did you incubate them? I don't think chickens can pass marek's to their eggs but again i'm not 100% sure.
the mother hatch them I have a little female hinds but one of the females was sick and she look depressed. I have gotten some medical advice and they told me that the odds were she had because of her age but you know medical doctors they're not precise. At the same time I did not want to spend time taking them all to veterinarians all the time

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