Sick dove!!


Mar 22, 2021
I have found this dove and have had since June 13 almost a month and since yesterday it’s started to not be too active and looks like it’s having trouble breathing.he also doesn’t really want food and bobs his head a lot when I do give him some his eyes also started to not open today and just isn’t like before.used to always come to get food and also chirp sometimes and he also had his eyes open all the time and flapped wings when he saw someone or was hungry.Is there something I could do he’s very weak I have been feeding him some dove milk that came in powder and keeping him warm so what could be the problem.forgot to mention he also has his beak open all the time now like the picture shows


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It’s possible he asphyxiated, which can happen when a baby bird is fed by someone who isn’t super experienced with feeding them. I would get him to a wildlife rehabilitation center as soon as possible.

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