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Jul 30, 2021
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Last night my Duck seemed like he got choked then slung his head a few times & threw up everything he’d just eaten but then kinda lost balance or something for a second. He just stood there in same spot for a lil while then drank a lil water seemed ok so we went to bed. Today he got up & ate seemed ok was layin down then all of sudden it was like he stood up then flapping his wings as he was falling down frontwards. I came running over he was just laying there breathing wings halfway spread I noticed a cppl mealworms around him that he’d eaten earlier. He laid still for abt 5 mins he’s stood up now but he’s kinda shaking a lil standing there asleep. Does anyone know what on earth could be wrong with him, idk what I’d do if something happened to him I’ve babied him so much he doesn’t know he’s a duck. Please can anyone help me with what I need to do?? He has water to dunk his head in & he eats duck food mealworms bananas & tomatoes


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Oct 16, 2020
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I am not exactly sure what is going on. There are multiple things that could possibly going on. To me, it sounds like he could have a problem with impaction, but again I am not really sure. He could have eaten something toxic causing him issues. Or it could be some infection causing problems.

Does he free range at all, where he could have gotten access to something toxic? Do you bring him in the house at all, where he could potentially eat something he shouldn't? Does his crop feel full?

@Miss Lydia, @HollowOfWisps and @Isaac 0 may have some other thoughts about what could be going on. Otherwise, I would suggest a vet if you can.

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I agree with @Quatie it could be numerous things.
Feel his crop is it full or empty does it feel hard or squishy?
Can you post a picture [video] would be better.
If a vet is an option by all means s go that route.
Does he have access to grit?


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Aug 28, 2020
A vet would be the only way to know for sure and I would highly recommend if possible. That being said, avian botulism can cause weakness (particularly neck, leg and wing muscles), vomiting, loss of appetite, seizure like symptoms, closing of the eyes and partial to fill paralysis. I would go over every area your duck has been and inspect ALL food sources for mold contamination.

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Jul 19, 2016
I would see if you can get him to a veterinarian first before resulting in online suggestions. The symptoms you describe can be the result of many conditions that affect ducks. Without a collective past history, physical examination, and diagnostic testing, dealing with these sorts of issues can be nonetheless difficult.

If you cannot see one, please post back and include a video of the duck.
In meantime, he should be placed in a warm/quiet environment with food and water provided. Consider adding some poultry electrolytes to his water to help prevent, and replace any current fluid/electrolyte deficits.

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