Sick duckling please help!


Jul 21, 2016
Hello all! I need help with my duckling! It's about a week and a half old. I bought three of them at a week old from the feed store. It's a fawn runner. I'm not sure of the name of food but it was recommended to me by the employee of the feed store. It's non medicated. I also feed it scrambled eggs and romaine lettuce. It lives indoors in a small dog kennel with a heat lamp set at about 85 degrees. So here the deal.... After bringing them home they were all peeping and moving around fine, when I left for work the next morning they were fine..then my husband calls around 2 pm saying one is dead and the others are laying on it. :( that night the little one had a siezure (I think) and then recovered .. The next night I went to hold it and it was limp, it died in my arms about 15 mins later :( I DESPERATLY want to save this last one but things are getting worse.. It doesn't peep at all, it's wanting to stand less and less, just walks a few steps and sits down, sleeps constantly, only eats when I prompt it to, it trembles constantly, it doesn't clean itself, it has labored breathing, it scratches at its face a lot , it doesn't care for lettuce, and it's not stretching its head/neck out just keeps it tucked close to his neck. I have also noticed I have had to remove its poop off its butt more than once. We went and bought Brewers yeast and niacin and gave it some last night but it's just not interested in drinking/eating. We tried sugar water and it seems to ever so slightly perk it up for just a min. Please please help me! I have been readig on here for days now and can't find anything that matches all the symptoms. it's legs don't bow out like a niacin deficiency , it just doesn't want to walk/stand. It's a bit wobbly when standing to. It doesn't seem to be growing either. It does love me though, always wanting to cuddle me, I hope that's a good sign...
I have never had or read about such a problem. But the moment any of my ducks or chickens start acting sick I usually add garlic, honey and apple cider vinegar to the water and adding oregano to food, all as immune boosters. I hope some one else can help you more, I am sorry.
Thanks for the reply. I bought him a stuffed duck to cuddle today but so very sadly he had passed away by the time I got home. I haven't cried so hard in a long time. I'm so sad I coulnt save him or at least be there to hold him as it passed on. Rest in peace baby peep peep :( :(
So you have lost them all?

What is the food?

Did they have food with water 24/7?

What kind of bedding?

There is a Raising Ducklings sticky.
Yes I lost them all :( yes they had food and water at all times in water and food dishes from the feed store the kind made for ducks/chickens. I changed it daily. They were fed purina flock raiser. It's what the employee reccomended. I checked and it was non-medicated. And the bedding was natural aspen (99% dust free) from petco. They also got scrambled egg and romaine lettuce.
Take a look at the Raising Ducklings sticky, and see if it sheds any light. Sometimes they die and we don't know what happened. The only way to be sure is necropsy.

Were they outside, are there black flies around in your area? Or mosquitoes?

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