Sick Duckling

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  1. Sidhe13

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    Jan 26, 2015
    Victoria, Australia
    I have a duckling that was acting a little off this morning. In 10hrs s/he has confirmed that s/he is unwell.

    Symptoms are: lack of appetite, neck spasms pulling to the left side, sleepy and inactive. Makes a "chewing" motion before and after the spasm. Sometimes after a particularly bad spasm s/he makes a squeaking, pained noise.

    Still walking fine, just not much, and can still run when necessary. No noticable discolourations or injuries. Crop feels empty. Is pooping normal (fr a duck who hasn't eaten or drank much). Ears and eyes are clear, nostrils appear clear, I opened her/his mouth and couldn't see anything lodged in there.

    Any advice? S/he is in quarantine (a box beside me) and will be started on garlic and honey water, followed by vitamins.
  2. IceAngel

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    May 2, 2013
    Could a predator have injured her neck? Sounds like you are on top of it. Hope you pulled her through.

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