Sick Ducks


6 Years
Jan 28, 2013
I recently had a duck diagnosed with aspergillosis. This is the first time I have ever dealt with this disease. I have moved my ducks inside where it is drier and warmer. I have been watching the other ones very close and have not seen or heard any with labored breathing but tonight I saw one of my males with one droopy wing. Is this just a coincidence or should I be worried he has something too? He seems fine otherwise eating, drinking, bathing and flapping his wings. I am so concerned he is just starting to get sick. I did pick him up and listened to his heart with a stethoscope it sounded fine and I did not hear any crackling anything for that matter coming from his lungs. I have OXINE ordered and on its way I am wondering if anyone else had used this and knows if I can put it directly in their water? And is there anything else I can give to the healthy ones to prevent them from getting infected? (I did move them already)

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