Sick hen... I need help!


11 Years
Dec 2, 2008
I have a 2 year old hen, I just noticed yesturday that she wasnt really walking around just kind of laying in the grass trying to eat the bread I was throwing out. Her comb is slouched over, very dark red and when I picked her up (very easily) I felt that her whole bottom end was bulging. I washed off her fluff because it was caked with poop, I thought maybe she would eliminate, she didnt. I didnt see any blockages when I checked her out, so I put her in a seperate area with water last night and this morning all was the same. Does anyone have any ideas on what I could/should do at this point?
Sorry, I'm totally not experienced in areas of illness, but it sounds like she's egg bound. Can you lightly push around her abdomen area for an egglike hardness??? I'd do a search on egg bound here on the forum. I know I've read that giving a warm bath can help relax the muscles (or something like that) to help the egg come out...if that's even what this is. Do a search and see if the symptoms sound the same. You did right by separating her... Good luck with your poor hen.

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