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  1. Noobiechickluv

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    Oct 8, 2013
    Mayberry NC
    I am brand new to raising chickens, but I have already become quite close to my 9 hens. One of them is not acting right, and I am afraid we might lose her. I'm hoping someone here might be able to help.

    I noticed yesterday that one of my Buff Orpingtons was looking very lethargic. I thought that maybe she had an impacted crop, so I did some research. I gave her some olive oil and a tiny bit of bread soaked in oil and some droppers with applecider vinegar water. I then tried to massage her. I put her back in the hen house and hoped for the best.

    This morning she was still in her nesting box when all the others were out pecking around in the run. I picked her up and she was still very lethargic, no flapping. I tried to carry her over to the water, but she wouldn't drink. I filled the dropper and made her take a little water.The lump I thought I felt seemed much smaller, so I really think my first thought about the impacted crop was wrong.

    So, after I gave her water, I tried to get her to eat a bit, but it wasn't happening. I then tried to put her down, but she fell over to one side...very weird. So I have spent the day going out and checking on her and giving her a drop or two of water. She is bright eyed, but will not leave the henhouse or eat. I also don't see any poop in her box.

    I didn't separate her because the others are not bothering her.She is only 20-something weeks old and about half of her sisters have just started laying.She is such a sweet little thing, I'm really worried she is suffering, but she is bright-eyed and not having any breathing problems.

    Any ideas? Should I try to force feed her? Thanks to everyone I really appreciate any input.
  2. WestminsterHens

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    Jan 8, 2013
    Maybe she ate or drank something strange. If no one else answers you might want to call the vet.
  3. bigchicken56

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    Oct 8, 2012
    I would keep a close eye on her. Don't force her to eat but make sure she has plenty of water and food available. It is important to make sure she has plenty of liquids. If you make sure she has had small pebbles or grit to eat she probably doesn't have impacted crop but it seems that is what the problem is from your description. She might make it but if you see her worsening then if you wish to save her I would take her to a vet.
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    Oct 8, 2013
    You might want to give her a dose of duramcyin
  6. auztrachix

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    Hi, Noobiechicluv, Poojaa Greets to You and your Chix.
    She might be under severe attack of what we call White Diorhea, if she excretes pasty white. Infectious. Seperate her. Give her 5 drops of Oxytetracyclin Hydrochloride-vet at 50mg/ml strength to stabilise. If yu have pure, thick, farm Buttermilk, feed her thru throat-tube every two hours. Else, feed very fine maize powder+raw honey+water in 3gm:1ml:5ml ratio. Please avoide strong chemicals since her whole digestive system be very sore. Recovery is only 40/.
    Regards, auztrachix-09Oct2K13.

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