Sick hen?


Sep 3, 2019
I have 2 black australorp hens, ages 2 and 4. We noticed today that the younger one was laying and that her comb was a paler shade of red and that it was flopped over. It has never done that before! And when we approached her and moved around right beside her she didn't move. This is totally not normal for her. They didn't have water for a period of time, do these symptoms have anything to do with dehydration? Or is my girl actually sick???

(She is the one on the right in the picture)


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Welcome to BYC would help if we knew location and how long they had been without water, I know right now mine are going through twice as much water as normal. plus having to change the water in the cool off pool 3 times a day as they spend so much time in it and I'm up north. IS she drinking at all? if it's hot and they were without water could be heat exhaustion and for that we need to get em cooled down and drinking pronto. Looks like her crop may be super full too


help never had this happen to give em advice
Welcome to BYC. Dehydration can certainly cause weakness, and combs can flop over with or without that. Chickens should never be without water during the daytime, especially during summer heat.

In the picture, the hen appears to have an enlarged crop. Can you check it in the morning to feel if it is empty, full, hard, doughy, or puffy? A crop disorder (impacted or sour crop) could make her sick and weak, and would prevent her from getting nutrition and fluid. I would offer some water with electrolytes tonight.

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