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Mar 5, 2021
I have this one hen named Miranda who is a 1 year old black australorp. She has the same sickness that one of my other hens had gotten 3 years ago and that hen died from it. Here's the symptoms

1. Weight loss
2. Tired all the time
3. Can barely preen her feathers
4. Feather loss
5. Mouth breathing
6. Not eating or drinking as well
7. Egg laying just stopped

She was just a few months ago kicked out of her flock, so is it maybe depression? If you know how to help her please tell me!
It is hard to know for sure. Can you look her over for evidence of lice or mites under her lower belly and vent, and elsewhere on her skin? Feel of her crop first thing in the early morning to see if her crop has emptied overnight, or if it is full and hard or puffy. She might have a reproductive disorder which can be common in hens. Do you think she is molting ( (because of her feather loss?) What do her poops look like? Can you post any pictures?

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