Sick/hurt duck?

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    Feb 16, 2008
    We have 2 ducks, I am not sure of the type but I believe the one in question is a Rouen. Last night I went out to get the last of the eggs and feed the ducks before I went to bed. I noticed the smaller, male was not standing up all the way, sort of shuffling along. I figured it was late, maybe they were asleep and I startled them but was going to check in the morning to be sure. This morning he is doing the same. They aren't quite hand tame so they walk away from us when we get too close, and when he walks he doesn't really limp- his feet are on the ground- bu he sort of shuffles, doesn't pick his body up quite as much and walks short distances before laying back down.

    He seems to have gotten a little worse throughout the day. This evening when I looked out and he got startled he rolled over before getting up. His balance seems a little off. And he just appears stiff when he walks. I know nothing about duck injuries/afflictions. I've learned a lot about chickens in the past 2.5 years but these ducks are only a little over 3 months old. They've got water. And food. They roam in the yard all day, with the chickens and the dogs (dogs aren't a problem). I plan on trying to catch him tonight after my husband gets home to help, but I am not sure what I would be looking for....are their common duck ailments?

    Thanks so much for any advice anyone can give


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