Sick Muscovy Duck with weakness & shaking head

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    May 24, 2019
    I have 2 half grown Muscovy ducks, almost completely feathered out. A Drake and a Hen. A few days ago found my hen lying down with her neck stretched out in front of her unable to lift her head. Syringe fed her electrolytes (formula 911) & in a few hours she was back on her feet although her head was a little shaky. By that evening she was back to normal, no shaking & eating & drinking. She's been fine up until now, I just checked on them & she was lying in the same way as when I found her before. Right now she is still able to hold her head up for a short time but it's very shaky and she only stands for a few seconds but doesn't walk, she then returns to the same position with neck & head outstretched in front of her. Does anyone have any idea what this could be or what I could possibly do to help this? I thought we were out of the woods when she recovered the first time & I'm frantic to help her now if I can. Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer me!

    UPDATE: As of now, about 2 hours after finding her down & with trembly shaky head & outstretched neck she is back up & moving around. After reading through pages of different duck threads I'm thinking I should try the vitamin B complex tomorrow, any opinions? I have no avian vets anywhere near me, nearest are a few hours away, so I'm on my own to help her. They are still eating mostly starter crumbles, some scratch grains sporadically throughout the day. I keep food & water available at all times. Also still using a brooder lamp at night because they become upset if it's not on after dark.
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    That is exactly what you need to do and it would be much better if you could start it today! This is what you need to get. 1 ml over a treat that it will be sure to eat all of like meal worms or tomatoes. All the ducks can have it without a problem, any excess they get will be excreated so don't worry about that. Just be sure to get the little sick on a full dose.

    Tractor Supply has it in the cattle dept and the bottles look like this they are the same just different labels.
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