Sick or hurt?


Jul 1, 2022
Hi-I have a 4 year old Americauna hen and can’t find info on what could be wrong. We put the chickens in a new pen about 2 months ago and that about when her problem started. She’s walking almost upright, her tail stays pointed down, she waddles and almost sounds like she has a duck-sounding cluck now. She has a good appetite, drinks water. Eats snacks, runs around with the other chickens. She’s laying eggs and I’ve wormed her just in case. I’ve also examined her lots to see if she may have gotten injured jumping up or down from the new coop roosts but don’t see any obvious injuries. She also keeps a messy butt, nothing too gross and I’ve soaked her butt a few times in water and epsom salt. She looks pitiful but seems to act normal-any suggestions?
Waddling like a penguin and a messy butt are symptoms that point to ascites. Do some research on ascites. There is no cure for ascites except to drain her abdomen to keep her comfortable. Usually ascites is a symptom of something else going on, like a reproductive disorder or cancer.

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