Sick pullet with respiratory illness

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  1. mjgrey

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    Nov 20, 2016
    Hi there,

    I have a very sick Copper Maran pullet (~5 months) who i discovered collapsed under the perch in the coop this morning. Her nares and eyes were clogged with debris- i figure she had been rubbing her face in the coop bedding material (i use pine pellets and shavings).

    i brought her up to the house for cleaning and treatment. Moistened cotton balls worked to clean her nares and eyes. She is extremely weak and requires rolled support towels to keep her upright. I have her in my quarantine cage in my spare bathroom where I can keep the temperature ambient and controlled.

    She cannot support her head well and keeps twisting her neck. She is congested with some clear nare and eye discharge, and is running a fever. I she's having to breathe partially through her beak to compensate for the congestion.

    A quick search on poultry illnesses leads me to believe this could be anything from newcastle disease, mycoplasma meleagridis, quail bronchitis, aspergillosis-induced pneumonia. The neck twisting appears to be the one symptom that seems to exclude influenza or some of the other viral respiratory diseases.

    The onset of her illness was extremely fast. Last night when I shut the girls in, she was perched normally and showed no signs of illness or discomfort.

    So far my other hens all appear healthy but i'll be monitoring them all quite closely.

    So far her treatment has involved-

    1. Isolation and warming
    2. Cleaning of eyes and nares
    3. dosing with eyedropper ~hourly of water/electrolyte vitamin mixture
    4. Small dose of dissolved tylenol (i don't have much to lose at this point)
    5. Oxy- tetracycline

    Anyone experienced a similar illness? anyone have further recommendations for care?

  2. jaybud

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    May 25, 2016
    Tehachapi, Ca
    Going thru the same illness right now with my birds. I lost a beautiful D'anver rooster and 1 sex link hen. Illness came on fast too for my birds. I started manual injections of tylan 50 with .5 cc for my bantams 1 cc for my larger fowl. My sebrite rooster and D anver hen were hours from death and I started the tylan and vet 10 antibiotics in the water. There heads and eyes were so swollen it was bad. Within a day the swelling went away and three days later back with flock. Others in flock getting mild case of sniffles but if it gets worse I'll separate them like the bantams. Hope that helps.

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