Sick quail?


8 Years
Feb 3, 2011
Stamping Ground, Ky
So the It went from 80 and sunny to 60 and raining and now my quail have started sneezing. I have given my turkey and chickens Tylan 50 injection (a few sneezes from them as well) but I am new to quail and not sure if I can give Tylan? If not what could I give to clear up all the sneezing?
Is sneezing the only symptom you have to go on? I would try to narrow down what the ailment is before treating it with an antibiotic that may or may not be adequate for the purpose. However often time is of the essence so it's a tough decision you have to make there.

As for dosage I've heard 1/8 cc of injectable tylan for quail but I'm not a vet and have never used the product before, so do your best to verify that if you have to treat them.
The turkeys had swelling around the face and the chickens had some eye boogers. When they get like that I usually start the Tylan treatment.
As far as the quail that's pretty much what they're doing is just sneezing. They're still very busy and active acting. The first evening of the temp drop I notice the bobs were pretty puffed up. They were born in May/June area so this is the first time they have experienced the cold.
Sounds like coryza, but I couldn't say with certainty. Do you notice a foul smell around the nasal passages?

If you believe it is coryza then you should begin treatment as soon as possible to prevent fatalities. Quail have very little immunity to poultry diseases and fatalities often result. Once a bird has coryza it will always have it. There is no cure only treatment.
If you don't wash your hands or wear gloves between handling your quail and your chickens, then your quail have whatever it is that your chickens have. As for if it is coryza only you would be able to diagnose that. There are other respiratory ailments that can cause sneezing. Here is some more disease info to go over. Some viral diseases cause sneezing.
Yes, but the dosage would be something you would have to decide on. I've read 1/8th cc or less of injectable tylan 50 but I've no direct experience in the matter. Try doing an advanced search in both the quail section and the diseases emergencies cures section. If you can't find any better info perhaps your best alternative would be to ask the folks who help out in the diseases section.

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