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I have a sick RIR. She has one side of her face is swollen and her eye is half open. She was still on the roost this morning and she is the first one up. I fed everyone bread, she picked up a piece and a younger one took it. She would never do that. Brought her in, cleaned the eye and area with eye wipes, took her back out, put her in a flower bed to let her scratch and she just stood there and walk around a bit.

What should I do????
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can you take a picture and post it? Is her eye bubbly at all? Any other birds have these symptoms that you can see? You'll have to look closely... it could be anything from a bee sting to spider bite to mycoplasma or coryza or any other number of diseases. We just dont know unless we see a picture to get a better look at it.
I would quarantine her from the others until you know more. I had a hen start out like that and in my case it was MG. In my hen, the eye was swollen and bubbly and went down by morning and a few days later she started sneezing.
Seperate her immediately. I would start her right away on terramyacin ointment(eye ointment)--you can buy this at your local TSC. I would also start giving her Tylan or LA-200 injections. You can also buy this at TSC. The powder antibiotics are junk--mostly dust and I have never seen them work. The injectable is usually under $15 and buy a thin needle. You can give the injection two ways--to the right or left(about an inch) of the breastbone(right where it separates) or in the nape of the neck--just pinch the skin and insert into there and inject. I would give her 1/2 cc 2x a day for a week to ten days and see if she improves.

On another note, are you feeding them bread as a treat or food? They need chick/chicken feed and/or scratch. Good luck!
They get bread for a treat in the mornings. That is how I can see them all first thing. They eat chicken food!!!!!

I got the Tylan 50 so I will have to figure it up. It does not say it is for chickens so there is not a dose.
Bad eye


good eye


She also has diarrhea, no blood.
Anyone else have any ideas????

I read up on MG and OMG..........I am so worried. I can treat and just not get any more chickens and I will have to lose my buff cochin bantam roo so there are no chicks. I just do not want to lose all of my girls....They are my babies!
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Your buff cochin bantam is a roo, I take it? Why would you have to get rid of him? Won't you be collecting eggs?

Yes, these resp. diseases are devastating, and yes, some cull flocks when they happen. First of all, you don't know which one it is, or even if it is one, unless tests are run. Also, I have been reading recently that they are getting more and more widespread, and commercial chicken operations are loaded with them. Not so sure some of them don't come from the hatcheries where we buy our chicks.

Not that I would sell hatching eggs or chickens if I knew I had one. But not so sure I would cull a flock, either.
No way will I cull my flock. The only reason I was keeping the little roo is to go with another cochin bantam that I got at the same time so they could have babies that I could give to my family and clients. If they are exposed to anything then I cannot to that. I am hoping that I am over acting to HenReEtta.(my spelling). I am going to take her to the vet for them to show me how and where to give the shot. I have never given one to a bird.


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