Sick rooster! Please Help

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    Nov 30, 2012
    Hi I have 5 bearded silkies! Thursday Morning My husband went out to feed my horses and noticed my rooster was on the ground on his side. I took him to the vet and he has coccidiosis. I am so confused because I had treated them all 2 weeks prior with Corid. Anyway the vet gave me amaprol and I have been treating them with that for 2 days now. He is now eating on his own and drinking on his own but he will not walk or stand. He just lays there with his left leg in front of him and his right leg under him. He can move the legs because when I pick him up he will move them. He does move the right more than the left. He will push against your hand a little with the left and alot with the right. He is eating southern states pelleted all grain. He seems to be much more alert and talking to the girls and me but he is not even trying to stand. Can they survive this and if so what do I do. I fed him the fist day a feed the vet gave me by syringe. He said to feed it until he would eat on his own. I dont want to loose him. Please help!
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    I have had chickens survive cocci. One thing I have found to help is to wet their feed down. They seem to be able to eat more that way for some reason. Be sure not to let it sit there too long or go mildewy. Just change it often. Hopefully your little guy will gain some strength. You might want to post this in the emergency section because you will get more replies and maybe some more ideas.

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