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  1. LittleRedHen10

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    Sep 3, 2015
    Help please! I have a rooster about 18 months old who is very suddenly - very sick. Yesterday he was free-ranging and happy as could be. Today I went out to the coop and he is laying on his side with very labored breathing. Seems to have some blood on his face, cant tell if its from his eyes? He is not injured/pecked. I'm fairly sure that he is going to die but want to diagnose him if possible. (I do have 12 other hens in the coop with him). Also, feel like I should euthanize him but its awfully hard when hes so helpless and pitiful. Is there a more humane, gentler way with a very sick chicken than a hatchet? My last attempt at killin ga c hicken went very badly. Thanks!
  2. rockriver

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    Sep 27, 2015
    Hang him up by the back legs take a very sharp knife and make a diagonal slit through the neck quick and painless it cuts the jugula vein dies peacefully small bit of flaping at the end but is quite humane

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