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    posted in turkey section also.

    I have a flock of Royal Palms. A few weeks ago I notice one female showing signs of upper respiratory illness. It has not effected her eating and drinking. Two days ago our favorite tom fell ill. I found him lying in a corner- very cold and coughing/ sneezing/ rattling. I brought him in the house and left him in the tub. I gave him electrolytes orally. Because it was late I could not get Tylan 200 till the next day. I started him on 2.3cc TID- he weighs 27lbs. He immediately started sounding better. No harsh noises and sneezing by the time he had his third injection. Unfortunately he is now showing signs of possible neuro impairment- he can't put his foot flat under him, he knuckles over. He is not able to rise easlily, but once up and helped to put his foot flat he can remain upright. He is still eating and drinking- HELP! We don't have any vets in the area that do fowl. Our other tom just started sneezing. Is there anything I can do? Anyone have any idea what this might be? I have read endlessly and think rhinotracheitis sounds possible.
    Why did the disease take so long to affect the rest of the flock? I started the original hen on Tylan this evening. She still only shows signs of upper respiratory involvement.
    Should I treat the water of the rest of the birds? Should the other tom be started on Tylan also??
    sorry if I sound like an idiot. These are our first turkeys. They have had no problems the past year and a half. I know people will ask- yes, they come in close contact with chickens, but mainly free range.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Beth
    I can be reached via email, [email protected]

    edited to add:

    His feces have been normal volume and texture. He did have some evidence of loose stool on the second day of tx- cecal dump. He is being injected in the breast. He showed signs of mild lameness on the day he became very sick.
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    How is your turkey?

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