Sick, weak duck, what is wrong, what treatment?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Carol_af, Jan 25, 2011.

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    Look forward to seeing lil John [​IMG]
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    Still waiting [​IMG]
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    old thread, but in all this reading, I didn't see anyone say Botulism. Which it sounds like many of these ducks had. "wry neck".... doesnt necessarily have to have a bent neck. But treatment needs to be done as soon as signs are seen. (Also from much reading and research, too many to cite)
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    Hi community I need some advice I currently have three pekin ducks who are starting to get their mature feathers however I just rescued these from somebody who could no longer take care of them I have no idea what they are !.. I have a feeling that the darker colored one is a rouen duck however the lighter colored one I thought was a pekin but I am not too sure ..

    They feel kind of underweight compared to how mine felt when I held them when they were about that size..
    also the lighter colored one has some type of dots on his feet also ..

    Any advice ? I got very fortunate that my three pekins ended up extremely healthy and had no issues like this

    Thank you everybody
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    I would start them on poultry vitamins with electrolytes and probiotics, as well as a good starter crumble. Plenty of fresh water, watch the brooder temperatures.

    Have you read the Raising Ducklings thread in the Stickies? I would also let them swim in a tub of 85 F water, and make sure they dry off well afterward. Please keep us posted.
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    ok so i dont know how old this post iis but i had similar problems with my 2 2month old ducks. the boy, darkwing, was experiencing all the same issues as you described except he walked very little. i first was worried when he started to constantly look sleepy so i penned him away from his more energetic counterpart lola. that didnt work, so i started to watch for a difference in feces. both ducks had just gotten diarrrhea from having too much fiber in their diet and i assumed that that was the issue. i treated him just as you are and he didnt seem to improve much. what i did try randomly one day was i diced up some fruit over a bowl so the juices fell in, and then i added water and kinda gave them a chunky fruit juice..? and he, at first didnt seem interested but when i took a few drops in a dropper and fed it to him he perked up a lil and over time he started moving a lil more and although hes still a lil iffy looking hes alot better from what he was just a week or two ago. i also changed his food too. i completely took oatmeal outof the diet ad replaced it with steel cut oats. my suggestion would be to try a variation in her diet maybe, and if you can (as weird as it sounds) check for a difference in feces. weather it changes color or becomes runnier, whenever ducks tend to get sick it usually shows in the feces so id look into that.
    i do hope she gets better and you can figure out whats wrong.
    best of wishes,
    p.s i also started giving them vitamins to boost their immune system and some baby duck starter crumble but you can use regular crumble too.
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    My 8 year old duck is failiing. She is not a pet per se but, rather, is out and about in the community. She does come to my patio 1 - 2 daily. There are 2 male ducks who always accompany her as though they are protecting her. Lately, she has seemed sluggish and has been spending more time in my patio eating less and less. Yesterday, she came in at 7:00 a.m. and remains there now. She has barely eaten even though she is drinking water. In the past, I have fed her "goose & duck" food. When she tired of that, after quite some time, I would give her bread, though have just learned this is not good for her. When she tired of bread, I would go back to the goose and duck food. I don't have any of that now but have ordered it. Don't know if she is just tired of the bread. I have put some lettuce in her water hoping that she'll eat something. Her right eye is now closed. Should I take her to a bird sanctuary in my area for help, should I leave her be....what can I do to help her?
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    She needs help I would take her to the bird sanctuary for help. If you leave her there on your patio she will most likely continue to fail or a pred will get her. Please let us know what the sanctuary says about her.
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    I have a degrading indian runner named Turtle and am trying everything.
    My question to everyone is that am I correct in understanding there is little to no understanding how to manage and treat domesticated ducks? I've read concerns about vets not knowing what to do and I've discovered most treatments are not labeled for ducks. Is this as significant a problem as I perceive to be? An important area with a severe lack of professionally recognized and research based knowledge? This, compounded by the sale of ducklings at big box feed stores makes for strong disease centers, misguided or ill informed caregivers, and not to mention heart-aching "parents".feedback would be greatly appreciated. Best to all of you struggling with an ill duck; I share in your frustration and concern.
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    You have to find an avian vet. They specialize in birds. They should be able to help you. They are few and far between so you have to research your area to see if you have one close.

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