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  1. My quail are dying one by one. Got told it can't because of cold, so can it be sickness??? They rufful their feathers like their cold, slowly moving around, than boom. next day dead [​IMG] I need help.. my sister suggested a sickness... they only thing coming to mind is, if their dying one by one. they only way to get rid of it is culling all of them (4), cuz they all must have it [​IMG]

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    Have you wormed them lately? Checked them for mites? Both things can drain quail to the point of death. It is possible they have a disease. Any symptoms??
  3. super less hyper... uhhhhh.... They haven't crowed (the males) and ah... I should keep looking at them
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    Sounds to me like Coccidiosis. It is a bacteria that lives in the ground, and I have lost several young chickens to this disease. The symptoms are like what mine have had. Sometimes there is blood in the stool, sometimes not. I keep a bottle of Sulmet on hand to treat them, and understand it works for quail. I would dose them as for chickens: 1 teaspoon to 1 gallon of water. Usually clears it up pretty fast if they are not too far gone. If that is what they have, you need to get them treated right away. No dilly dally.

    They can get it from the soil, or if they have contact with other birds that are exposed to it. Most people don't like to give quail medicated feed, but since I have this bacteria on my place, I am tempted to give it anyway. Might split up my birds after they hatch and give half medicated and the other half none to see what happens.

    Good luck.

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