*SIGH* Got my rope tied in a knot and hanging on barely

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    I've had about all I can take this year, ready for a new year and a better year. Today we found out my DH might be loosing his job, due to being out of work for medical reasons that they still haven't been able to figure out. A little background my DH is 31 and has had since Oct chest pains, coughing and passing out when coughing. He's had a stress test, blood work, chest xrays and goes wed to get a 24 hour heart monitor. All test so far has came back good but still having the problems. He got dizzy last wed and bout passed out and was sick with cold/flu symptoms thurs and couldn't work. He was feeling better friday and went in by lunch he passed out and they sent him home. He went to the dr Fri and she put him on antibiotics, Fri night he passed out while coughing. Then sat night he passed out again, this was the worst one, he fell into the tv and hit the fireplace and was out for almost 2 mins. He never passes out unless he's coughing almost like he gets strangled and can't catch his breath. Anyhows he hurt his hand when he passed out sat, and called his supervisor over the weekend to see if he could find him something to do today that he wasn't using his hand as much. ( he normally puts lights on trailers) His supervisor told him he didn't want him to come back until they found out why and stopped him passing out. The company he works for works on a point system every day your out (dr's excuse or not) is a point once you reach 8 points they will fire you. In the passed few months DH has been out quite a bit, but at the beginning, went to the human resource guy and got papers to get his dr to fill out so when he missed due to what they were treating him for wouldn't be counted against him. Now mind you his supervisor told him to leave wed and fri and told him not to come in until the dr released him. He calls his supervisor today to let him know whats goin on, and he tells him he needs to call and talk to the human resource guy. Once he talks to him he tells him that he dosen't see how the coughing and passing out has anything to do with the heart related stuff and that nothing besides DH's stress test was put down as medical leave. which makes him when he left early wed having 7 points. fri leaving would of made another half point puttin him at 7.5 and him being out this week put him over 8 points. We have to go tomorrow and get documentation from all the hospitals (mind you one his blood pressure got up so high, they took him from work too) and dr's that he's had an on goin problem and proof that he's been,(again he's already turned in dr's excuses for ) and take to his work tomorrow which I'm having to take another day off work to drive him to do, we dont feel that its safe for him to be driving passing out like he is. The human resource guy is a pain in the butt, no one likes him and he just doesn't care about anyone no matter the situation. Me and DH are already in a bind havin to live with my parents and he's missed so much work (without pay) since oct we can't seem to get caught up, we've already told everyone we can't do Christmas this year for each other or anyone else (thank god we dont have children, I think that would break my heart) and on top of all the work misses without pay and dr bills, both our vehicles have tore up and been major repairs that we didn't have the money for, in one week my truck had to have a new starter, vaccum pump and power steering pump, clutch, and then a wheel barring, that I had already replaced 16 months ago (it had a 1 year warranty, just my luck) we would get one thing fixed and have it back for a day or two and something else would go out. DH parts were on back order and we still dont have it fixed. I am just so burnt out, and wish we could somehow catch a break and now with the possibility of DH getting fired tomorrow I'm not sure how much more I can take.. Just everyone if you could keep us in your prayers!!
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    I am so sorry!

    This year has been trying for so many.

    I had one of those days on Friday, had to take mom to the vet to have her kitty (and only real companion) down, ran in to a former tenant who owes $$$ busy shopping at Costco, ran in to the guy who I replaced doing payroll for a company that ended up closing-this guy had purposely messed up all the computer data when he left, came home to find out the other bookkeeper who did my Christmas check used the highest deduction rates she could so I ended up paying an extra 25% in taxes and now can not afford to buy gifts for my BF or Mom. (Same bookkeeper who regularly decides to pay me a couple of days/weeks late because it was too much work for her to do that day-boss has plenty of money but needs the checks to pay me)

    This year sucks.
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    I will keep both of you in my prayers. [​IMG]
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    Sorry so much hardship on ya'll. It always gets better eventually though. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Quote:So sorry [​IMG] I hope things look up for you in the next coming year, and that the work and your husbands health problems get sorted out [​IMG]
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    I will pray for y'all
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    wow, you really *are* having a tough go of it...

    do what you have to do in order to get the documentation for the doctor visits... it won't help anyone's stress or situation if your DH loses his job. I know sometimes employers can be difficult, just remember even if they're being buttheads about it, they've got processes for a reason, and you don't really have much choice at most places. I think they were right to send him home, if he's passing out without notice, it makes a liability problem for them, and he could get hurt, that'd be bad for everyone. not having him drive sounds like the right choice at the moment too.

    on the passing out while coughing... it's called "cough syncope"

    I did a quick search and some of the things that turned up as causing passing out from coughing include:

    a weak bloodvessel that's getting collapsed when he puts pressure on it by coughing

    COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)

    compression of a nerve on his heart from the coughing that causes a sudden drop in blood pressure

    vaso-vagal response. one site says this: "There is a cranial nerve that runs the length of your neck. When rubbed due to muscle contraction in that area, like the straining from coughing, you can stimulate the vagus nerve. This then causes bradycardia, which is a slow heart rate"

    another site said this: "Most people have some, although incomplete, control of cough. To the extent that your husband has control, he should try to cough more gently. In addition, to avoid serious injury, when he feels a cough coming, he should sit down or lie down immediately. He should also drink ample liquid so that he does not become dehydrated since this could add dizziness to his situation"

    here are some links to help you get informed before you go back to the doc... it'll help you ask the right questions:


    http://www.dizziness-and-balance.com/disorders/medical/cough syncope.html


    hoping you get this figured out soon! [​IMG]
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    Check into SVT... I was diagnosed with it at 28. Put me in ICU for three days at 28 years old. The doctors couldn't believe someone so young had a heart that behaved so "old"
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    what is SVT? I come up with State of Vermont...
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    Can he go out on disability? Here in CA they can't fire you when you are on disability.

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