~Sigh....~ Rosters...


8 Years
Mar 2, 2011
Northwest Washington
I just had to tell this story.
So today I went and took my chickens some treats, I had it all in a white plastic grocery bag. So first I stopped off at the two rooster runs, I set the bag down out side the fence and grabbed an apple and some bread slices. First, as usual, I tossed the two silkie boys there treats and then went to my two Wyandottes. (my Wyandotte hen was being mean so she's living with her roo till after the remodel)
So I'm sitting there cutting up the apple and feeding to the hen when I notice that my glutton of a rooster hasn't come looking for treats yet, which is unlike him. So I look around and spot him at the far end of the run doing his hackles up, rooster dominance dance and trying to attack something through the fence.
I was confused for a moment until I realized that I had left the white plastic bag just out side the fence and that is was wiggling a bit in the wind. And that my rooster was after it.
He only every tryed to go after me once and I set him straight then. But watching him go after the bag was among the funniest things I've ever seen. He wouldn't come eat till I moved the bag to where he couldn't see it!
I couldn't stop laughing as I watched. I love that bird but he can be such a ditz about inanimate objects. The door to the coop was moving in the wind and bumped him and he went totally crazy. Apparently sure it was some monster after his hens.
Well, his recent battle with the dog's squeaker toy just about takes the cake for silly rooster moments. My dog was so confused by the whole thing that he just sat and watched. I really wish I'd gotten it on camera.

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