Signs of spring


12 Years
Dec 18, 2007
Catawba County, NC
This time last week the South was gearing up to deal with a big winter snow storm. Today it got up to 80 degrees. Talk about a 180!

I was unable to resist doing some spring planting, but I held myself to just putting in lettuce and onions. Oh, and a new blueberry bush. Even doing just that little bit made me feel so good. Isn't it interesting how much the weather affects what we want to do for fun?
I'm dying to start planting my veggie garden, but we've got a while yet until we're clear of frost. Forecast is for snow on Monday. People in W WA don't do snow, much less in March!!
The last few days here in western IL have been in the high 60's, low 70's. But somehow today seems more springlike. It's only 50, and it rained last night so it's damp, and kinda misty. But when you walk outside it just feels like spring. When I lived in western NY, you had like a good month plus of weather like this... spring-ish, but not hot. Here in the midwest if often goes from cold, to hot, with not much in between.

Signs of spring.....robins are back! I saw a single solitary robin in mid-february, but now they're back for real! Was watching 5 hop in my yard this morning, and when you walk out all you hear is robins chirping....too early for them to be singing yet. Yesterday I saw my first killdeer of the year.

My hen's broody, egg production is picking up, our pigeons have hatched out some young, and more are on nests.

I saw some Green grass yesterday, and today I see my crocuses are poking up.

Spring is on the way for sure!
I got my sign of spring yesterda. A wild bunny scoping out the yard.I was wondering why the dog went nuts.My kids think it was the easterbunnies helper checking on them. I will leave it at that.

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