Sikies have snot noses.....


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Mar 19, 2012
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Ok i have 3 silkies that all eat and run around and act normal. They just have green snot noses. One of them gets a runny eye and gurgles but it doesnt effect him at all, He still eats and is growing fine. He is actually really big. Its been going on over a month. They all seem fine no loss in appetite and they are very alert. We have had them over a month and they are with our other chicks that are fine and show no symptoms. We have tried duramicin antibiotics and wormer and vitamins. Still the same. I was wondering if anyone else has heard of this and what they did or didnt do. Or should i just stop being such a worry wart. They are my pets and i want them to be healthy and not infect any future chicks i get. If you have been through this please let me know what happened to your flock and if any others got sick. Or if they just got better on there on. Thanks soo much!
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So, you added them to your flock recently? Did you do a 4-6 week quarantine, which is proper protocol for new purchases?

Sounds like CRD. Happily, I've never seen snot on any chicken in my possession, not ever. If I had, I would have euthanized it immediately, since CRD and many other diseases leave the birds carriers.

If antibiotics are not working, it probably means you are dealing with a virus. Many chicken diseases are herpes type viruses.
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