Silage, it works!

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    Last winter season my area received an inordinate amount of small snow and ice storms.

    My birds refused to step outside on the snow and ice. They remained voluntary "cooped up" for weeks on end, as the cold temperatures hampered the melting process.

    This past growing season, I decided to try my luck with producing silage, with the thought of covering the snow with this edible treat.

    I won't go into details as to how I made it, as all my research was derived from this site, but what a pleasant surprise.

    The picture below shows the silage on top of 18" of snow in their run!

    This silage was from an April cutting 10 months ago...

    and yes, that is a friend's gorgeous front lawn turf grass pesticide free.


    The birds seem to enjoy it.

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    Do you know about how long the grass pieces are in general? I know when I've looked into this there was concern about crop impaction due to length of grass cuts.

    Looks beautiful, nicely done!
  3. RonP

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    By design, the lawn was cut using a mulching blade.

    The lengths seem no longer than an inch or two.

    My issue now is that it was so easy, I made way too much... Not sure why, but I thought it would shrink...

    Next year I will start using it before the first snowfall...
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    I just throw some scratch out onto the snow, that gets most of them used to walking on the snow.....
    ....use some straw or hay out if it gets icy.

    Do you have a thread about how you did this silage thing?
    Am curious.

  5. RonP

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